[BCACTF19] – basic-pass-1

Challenge Description :

Your company is testing out a new login software, and being one of the CompSec experts, they want you to test it. They say that they have hidden a key somewhere in the program, and want you to look for it. Find it, and they might even consider giving you a pay raise…

They have told you that there is a four digit pin on the program to unlock it.


Diberikan file ELF-64 bit bernama basic-pass-1-linux, ketika di-execute secara asal, maka akan menampilkan output sebagai berikut :setelah itu, saya mencoba memasukkan file tersebut ke IDA, dan didapatkan pseudocodenya seperti berikut ini :

didapatkan password nya adalah : 1234, setelah dimasukkan kembali, didapatkan flagnya sebagai berikut :

flag : bcactf{hey_its_a_password}

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